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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Investing in Real Estate is a good idea, it is one of the leading investments considered to have high returns, especially in Kenya. Land is the only investment where one is guaranteed maximum returns because the price of land is always appreciating, with time, thanks to the ever-increasing population.

Land is also one of the multi-purpose assets one can acquire in Kenya. It gives the real option of engaging in multiple activities including; developing properties on it, for private and commercial use, you can rent it out, and engage in agricultural activity for commercial use among other things.

The issue of buying land, however, is one very sensitive topic that needs a lot of caution once one decides it’s time to own a piece of land. Many people have fallen victims to con plays by trusting the wrong people by not doing their due diligence, which is getting to know if what they are actually buying exists or whether it is real.

This is most instances comes down to how one chooses to buy the land they want. Some opt to go the real estate company way, while others trust individuals or their friends or referrals from people they know to buy from.

Today, I will tell you why you should choose to go the company way as opposed to an individual.

When buying land from a company, most of the work is cut for you including the cost of fueling your car to go for a site visit, you get to use their vehicles.

Real estate companies offer value-added land as opposed to what an individual gives when disposing off their land.

When buying from a company, the credibility of the owner is open and sometimes you get a ready title deed which in turn saves you the time taken to go through the transfer process. For companies, it’s just the allocation because most of the work is usually done and the plots have numbers already.

Companies offer flexible payment terms, sometimes up to 12 months or less depending on what the customer wants compared to individuals who just want their money in one lump sum payment or two installments.

With companies, there are no middlemen involved, it’s just you and the company which reduces the risk of you falling victim of con people. This said it is still important to do your due diligence and also check on feedback from their clients before you settle on a property.

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